You’ve reached that magical age of retirement, and it’s exciting. But you’re also realizing that there are a few things you need to think about going into retirement, like where to live and what to do with your time. 

Well, we can’t tell you everything you should be doing with your time, but we might be able to help you decide where to live. Have you ever considered retiring in Arizona? Arizona was practically designed for retirement, and here are five simple reasons why you should consider it for yours. 

1. Enjoy Beautiful Weather

One of the top reasons people retire to communities in Arizona is the weather. After years of living in places with cold winters, shoveling snow and slipping on ice, people love to move to Arizona for some warm weather and a change in scenery.

In Arizona, you’ll have warm sunshine almost every day of the year. On average, Arizona has only about 9 inches of rainfall each year, so most days are clear and sunny. But you may not know that in the summer when it’s especially hot, it’s also our rainy season or monsoon season. This means that the hot summers are broken up by beautiful rainstorms. 

Every climate has its downsides, but Arizona’s dry climate is very pleasant overall. The best way to enjoy Arizona is to learn about the climate so you can be prepared for the hot days and the occasional dust or lightning storm. Once you are prepared, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the sunny beautiful weather that most Arizona days bring. 

2. Meet Lots of Retirees

Arizona is a popular retirement location – partly for the weather, but there are other good reasons – to the point that 37% of newcomers cited retirement as their reason for moving to Arizona. This really isn’t a surprise, given all the activities to do in Arizona, not to mention the many outdoor wonders to see. 

This number of retirees (and retirement communities) in Arizona make a good opportunity for new retirees to settle in and find good company. When you have a good community of neighbors who are retired like you, you’ll have an easier time getting comfortable in your new home and making friends with like-minded individuals.

You’ll be able to find friends who have time to play tennis or hike or have a dinner party with you. You’ll meet new friends on your walks around the neighborhood. And you’ll be able to learn new hobbies, find clubs, and build a great life around you just by living in an Arizona community. 

3. Build a Year-round Active Lifestyle

When you have beautiful weather around you, it’s easy to settle into an active, outdoor lifestyle. Arizona is home to many natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and Horseshoe Bend (among many others). Living close to these kinds of outdoor wonders will make it easy for you to take weekend trips, day trips, and find exciting activities close by. 

In Arizona, you’ll find that it’s not only easy to find things to do but also easy to find ways to stay physically active. Arizona is crisscrossed with hiking trails, bike trails, and horse-riding trails. Most places you might end living in Arizona will place you close to various trails to keep you active. 

Many communities in Arizona also have man-made trails for easy walking, local parks for you to enjoy time with your dog or grandkids, and some even have community swimming pools to help you cool off when the heat gets too high. 

Arizona’s climate and desert setting are an ideal place to build a healthy and active lifestyle when you’re retired because you’re never far from a fun activity or a new experience. You’ll have all the time you want to enjoy your new, beautiful home. 

4. Retirement Communities

Because people like to move to Arizona for a warmer climate, there are many retirement communities in Arizona – and they are impressive communities. Take Wickenburg Ranch for example. This special community, of course, offers a wide variety of beautiful home floor plans for you to choose from and has plenty of quick move-in homes as well, but that’s just the beginning.

Wickenburg Ranch is built on a principle of luxury, which is why you’ll find a full 18-hole golf course and a casual play  9-hole golf course in the community. You’ll also find the Golf & Social Club, a full-service spa, a resort pool, fitness facilities, art and cooking classes, restaurants, bars, and more built into the community. 

In a retirement community, you’ll find people around your age who are in a similar life situation. This makes it easy to build a social network of friends around you. You’ll have easy access to neighbors and to activities, which will help you to have a well-balanced and enjoyable retirement. 

5. Small Town Living – With Cities Nearby 

Arizona has lots of small towns throughout the state, and those small towns are often a draw for recently retired people looking to downsize and enjoy a quieter life. It’s easy to find a nice small town to retire to in Arizona, but if you’re a city person, don’t worry. Many of these small towns are close to large cities as well. 

For example, the Wickenburg Ranch retirement community in Arizona is in the small town of, you guessed it, Wickenburg. Wickenburg is a good town if you’re looking for a small-town feeling, and it prides itself on being the last true Western town. This gives it a fun, unique culture you won’t find anywhere else. 

However, the town of Wickenburg is also less than an hour’s drive away from Phoenix, which has a population of about 1.7 million. So if you’re missing the big city life, you can easily visit Phoenix for a day or a weekend to get your fill of city life. Then you can head back home to your quiet town until you need another taste of the city. 

In Arizona, you can find the best of both worlds – luxury living in a small town with all the perks of city life right at your fingertips. 

Visit Wickenburg Ranch in Arizona

If you think Arizona might be a good fit for your retirement, try visiting Wickenburg Ranch, a luxury retirement community in Arizona. From top-quality amenities to stunning natural views, Wickenburg Ranch is the perfect place to call home after you retire. Schedule a tour with us today on our website or call us at 855-878-1703 with any questions you may have. We look forward to helping you create your new home at Wickenburg Ranch.