We are thrilled to welcome Lindsey and Garrett McLaughlin to Wickenburg Ranch as our 1,000th Homebuyers! Current residents of Sacramento, California, Lindsey and Garrett have a son in high school and a 14-year-old daughter who hopes to attend ASU. 

Although they are both still working and living in Sacramento, the McLaughlin’s had been considering a vacation home where Lindsey’s mom, Stephanie, could live now. As a widow in her 70s living in Blythe, Stephanie finds it hard to make friends in her current town. Plus, Lindsey explained, “We don’t visit as much as we should because it’s so boring for the kids and us.”

So when an email arrived inviting them to visit Wickenburg Ranch, Lindsey and her mom decided to see, experience, and taste everything the community had to offer. “Everyone at Wickenburg Ranch was very welcoming,” says Lindsey. And they loved the town of Wickenburg and the desert foothills. “Wickenburg Ranch is a place we all want to be.”  

Stephanie sees Wickenburg Ranch as a “second chance in life to be happy with a lot of friends, being part of a community, and having lots of things to do.” Lindsey and Garrett plan to retire to Wickenburg Ranch eventually, but in the meantime, “It’s an easy flight and drive to Wickenburg Ranch,” says Lindsey.

The McLaughlins were also drawn to the active lifestyle that Wickenburg Ranch offers. They’re excited to explore Wickenburg Ranch’s Pioneer Trails and nearby mountain biking trails where they can ride through the scenic Arizona desert. Lindsey has also picked up golf again, spending time on the green three times a week.

As their first brand new home, Lindsey and Garrett are looking forward to personalizing their new home in the Ranch House Design Studio. “The new home is on Charro Court. We always wanted a home on a cul-de-sac.” And while Lindsey admits it’s a little spontaneous, she explains, “Sometimes you know when you have a good thing.”

Her reaction to finding out they were the 1000th homebuyers at Wickenburg Ranch? “I am very lucky in life,” summed up Lindsey. “I always win.”

Speaking on behalf of Wickenburg Ranch and all of their future friends in the community, welcome, and congratulations on being our 1,000th homebuyers! To experience an equally happy homecoming here, contact our Member Ambassadors at 855-878-1703 today or just visit our Ranch House.