Imagine immersing yourself in a culture of endless adventures, where the idea of living an active lifestyle means fun, fulfillment, and self-discovery. Wickenburg Ranch has all the ingredients for a healthy and happy life and is filled with life-enhancing activities.

Here’s a glimpse into the outright fun activities from Wickenburg Ranch that will enrich your lifestyle.

Outdoor Adventures 

In a place with 300 blue-sky days a year, a fair amount of time is spent embracing the great outdoors. So get ready to put on your hiking shoes and break a sweat. With over 20 miles of interconnecting walking and hiking trails, the Pioneer Trails interweave through each neighborhood, bringing a sunrise hike or sunset stroll right to your doorstep. You can spend hours exploring the area, reveling in the stunning views of the Wickenburg Mountains. 

Social Pursuits

For those who are social butterflies, Wickenburg has plenty of opportunities for members to bond over their hobbies and passions. The community’s 42,000-square-foot Golf and Social Club is a welcoming space where members gather for tournaments, fundraisers, comedy shows, movie nights, holiday parties, and more. It’s also where members meet friends for drinks at conversation at Wick’s Hideaway or Jake’s Spoon, the community’s signature restaurant.

Serving as an extension of every Member’s home, the club allows members to explore new opportunities and connect to a vibrant social life full of culture and fun. It truly caters to every passion, pastime and hobby. Whatever you enjoy in life, you’ll find it here.

Opportunities to Give Back

Our members regularly volunteer at charities throughout the year, including personally delivering the checks. Here’s a list of some of the wonderful charities that our members volunteer and donate to:

Desert Caballeros Western Museum

K9 Konnections

Wickenburg Community Hospital

Wickenburg Unified School Department

Del E. Webb Performing Arts

Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce

Wickenburg Senior Center

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

The Wickenburg Breast Cancer Network

A Sense of Community

At Wickenburg Ranch, there’s an entire community of member clubs and special interest groups. Chances are, you’ll find a group at Wickenburg that shares your passion. Meet like-minded people who enjoy golf, tennis, pickleball, cycling, cards, cribbage, knitting, painting, photography, books, and the list goes on. The Art Barn is the ideal spot for members to explore their passions in classes or club gatherings.

Endless Recreational Facilities

Recreational facilities are a must for people who want to enjoy life to its fullest. For most, that means easy access to a variety of activities and fitness options. Wickenburg Ranch’s Afturburn & Movement Studio is a state-of-the-art facility built for athletes of all skill levels, interests, and abilities. Afturburn features free weights, cardio machines, and personal trainers dedicated to helping you meet your fitness goals. The Movement Studio offers a variety of motion-based fitness classes and is also equipped with a fitness online interactive training tool with pre-recorded and live workout sessions. After your workout, unwind at the Alvea Spa for a facial or massage.

Members are also greeted each day by a couple of golf courses that provide far more than memorable views. Our championship 18-hole golf course, Big Wick, is a favorite among avid golfers. But don’t just take our word for it. Golf Advisor named us the #1 course in Arizona based on golfer reviews. Nationally, Golf Advisor also ranked us #40 out of the Top 50 Courses, and we tied for #90 in Golfweek’s Top 200 Residential Course ratings. 

Our 9-hole, par-3 course Li’l Wick is a popular place to get in a shorter round of golf with family and friends. It’s full of fun and entertainment while encompassing a more relaxed attitude, so grab your flip flops and clubs and tee off!

Aside from the Movement Studio and golf, Wickenburg Ranch offers Courts & Sports Complex with four tennis courts, six pickleball courts, and three bocce ball courts. 

Cooking Classes

For many, indulging in delicious food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. And the best food often comes with unforgettable memories. At Wickenburg Ranch, members gather for the ultimate cooking class at Sophie’s Culinary Parlor with the community’s executive chef John Hofberger to embark on a hands-on and interactive culinary experience. Members learn how to prepare a wide range of dishes from our own restaurants and beyond—many with the modern Arizona roadhouse cuisine we’re famous for. The class format invites feedback and allows students to ask questions and make suggestions.

This intimate venue is also home to social gatherings, celebrations, events, and meetings. 

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All of this is happening in a vibrant, active, unique community that takes your breath away with its awe-inspiring beauty. Give yourself your best chance at creating an enriched lifestyle by joining us at Wickenburg Ranch today.