Spring is a time for freshening up, restoring your mind, and brightening the space around you. So it’s time to take advantage of the spring fever that’s been making you restless and to give your home some attention. 

Not sure where to start? Here are some simple ways to brighten up your home this spring – and don’t worry, some of them are even fun!

DIY Decorations

It’s always fun to pull out your old spring decorations to cheer up your home – but once in a while, you need something new to help your home feel a little more, well, springy. 

Instead of dropping money on expensive new decorations, try some DIY crafting to give your home the new decorations it deserves. You could try something simple like painting mason jars, filling them with flowers, and attaching them to each other for a new centerpiece for your table. 

There are all sorts of DIY projects you can try in your home. These are some of our favorites, but whatever you choose to do, you’ll love having new decorations to enjoy – and you’ll love how they fit into your home. 

Fresh Colors

As nice as cleaning is for a home that needs some brightening up, sometimes your home needs more than a broom to feel alive again. 

That’s when you start taking on the bigger projects, like repainting the whole house. 

Or maybe just a room. 

Whatever room in your home needs a fresh coat of color, take some time to figure out what color would brighten up your home and get painting. It makes a great project for those spring days that haven’t quite warmed up and helps you feel like your home in Arizona is full of new possibilities. We suggest classic blue, burnt orange, white on white, clay, or hunter green. 

Donate the Old

Spring fever can really motivate you to make changes in your home – and in your life. Go through everything you own. Seriously, everything. That means clothes, closets, drawers, cupboards, files, games, and whatever else you can think of. 

As you go through it, decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Everyone has different methods for figuring out what to get rid of, so don’t worry too much about if it’s right to keep or not. Just focus on your personal needs and priorities. If something really isn’t needed or wanted, let it go. 

Clearing out old stuff can help to not only clean your house but to help you see how you’ve grown and discover what really matters to you now. 

Donating what you’re throwing out that’s still in good condition will just be the cherry on top of the sundae. 

Reorganize Your Spaces

Remember how you just threw out a lot of stuff? Well, now it’s time to figure out what to do with the things you decided to keep. 

Even if you were organized before, getting rid of things will shake up your old system. What’s more, you might realize while you’re sorting through everything that there might be better ways of organizing everything this time around. 

When organizing, it’s always helpful to have baskets, separators, and so on to make the best use of your spaces. Don’t forget to clean the shelves, drawers, etc. before you put your reorganized things away!

Adopt a Diffuser

A home in Arizona needs more than just visual changes to feel bright and fresh. Invite some well-being into your home by using an essential oil diffuser. It will not only give your home natural scents to enjoy but will help you and your family to heal mentally and physically. 

If diffusers aren’t really your thing, you can also opt for candles and candle warmers. Or, if you just want your home feeling more like the air outside, try opening your doors and windows for a few hours to let everything air out. But be careful – keep an eye out for any pests that might try to slip in and become your uninvited roommates. 

Set Up an Herb Garden

Plants always help a home feel brighter. But sometimes you want your plants and decorations to be practical too. So try planting an indoor herb garden. This can work great in Arizona because herbs need good sunlight to thrive. Find a sunny spot in your home (ideally near your kitchen, for convenience) and set up your garden there. Herbs that thrive in Arizona include   

  • Lavender
  • Sage
  • Mint
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme

Indoor herb gardens can give you fresh flavors all year round without you having to stress your back or knees digging in the ground or swelter in the desert summer sunshine. Plus, they’re a pretty addition to any modern kitchen. 

Shake Up the Furniture

What’s a spring cleaning if it doesn’t include moving the furniture around a bit? Of course, you can always buy new furniture for your home, but if that’s not in the budget (or you still really love the furniture you have) simply rearranging the furniture is the perfect way to make your beautiful home in Arizona feel brand new all over again. 

Try a couple of different arrangements before deciding exactly what you want. This will help you see the possibilities of the rooms in your home, and help you decide what is most important in each arrangement. 

For example, consider, is it more important for the couches to face the TV or to face each other for easier conversation? Does that side table really have to go beside that chair? Maybe the rug from the entryway would look better in the living room. 

Paint Pots for Drought-resistant Plants

One last fun project for you. Maybe you’ve decided that your front porch needs some decoration to make it more welcoming. Try your hand at painting some flower pots to place beside your front door. They can make an attractive impression on visitors and help your home feel more welcoming. 

Even better, make sure that the plants you pick for the pots are drought-resistant. These plants should live longer with less water, which keeps your bills down, your use of water low, and your front porch looking fantastic.

Make the Windows Crystal Clear

With the Arizona air starting to warm up again, step outside for a bit to scrub your home’s windows. With the dust blown around from the wind and the occasional splatters of rain smacking the glass, your windows probably aren’t giving you the clear view you remember. 

Cleaning your windows inside and out helps the natural light be at its best in your home – and helps you enjoy the stunning mountain ranges in the distance. 

Whether you do a quick Windex wipe down or scrub down the windows with a squeegee, cleaning your windows is a great spring starter project this year. 

Choose a New Home in Arizona as Your Own at Wickenburg Ranch

Spring is a time of wanting fresh starts. Sometimes all it takes to get that fresh start is doing some cleaning or creative projects for your home. But other times, you’ll find that those projects just aren’t enough of a fresh start. 

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