Wickenburg Ranch was honored to support the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation with the 3rd Annual Wickenburg Golf Tournament. Community supporters, golfers, and sponsors came together at Wickenburg Ranch to honor the service and sacrifice of Marines and their families by raising over $500,000 for the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. Funds raised at the golf tournament will help the Scholarship Foundation cover the cost of military children attending post-high school, undergraduate, and career and technical education programs. 

The Scholarship Foundation has been honoring Marines by educating their children for nearly 60 years, awarding $155 million in scholarships and creating a lasting impact. With the cost of higher education significantly outpacing the average military family income, scholarships make a significant difference in the lives of Marine families. Fortunately, 90% of their scholarship recipients graduate compared to 56 percent nationally.

Scholarship Recipient Madison Ramirez said it best when she shared, “One thing both my mother and father taught me was to never be a quitter and to give everything 110%. Doing a good job is great but doing something great is amazing. The Marine Corps symbolizes strength and honor, and it is reflected in the person I have become today and I owe it all to my parents for teaching me the ways of the Marine Corps.”

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Thank you to all those who participated and supported in this important cause. We hope to see you next year as we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation!