This month we sat down to chat with our wonderful homeowners, Millie and Galen! As exciting as the prospect of retiring and relocating to a warm sunshine state may be, we know it can often feel overwhelming. In this month’s Member Spotlight, Greg and Libby sit down for a Q&A to share a bit about their own experience with retiring at Wickenburg Ranch, and finding their dream home and community here. Read below to see what they had to say! 

Q: When did you originally move to Wickenburg Ranch and from where? 

A: October 31, 2019 from beautiful Eastern Oregon. Our home town is La Grande where we worked and played for the last 30 years before moving. 

Q: What prompted your move? 

A: Retirement and wanting to live a resort lifestyle. Wickenburg Ranch is a total change of community, environment, and climate for us.

Q: What about Wickenburg Ranch made this the right community for you? 

A: The beauty of the Ranch, Wickenburg’s small town charm, the (community) amenities, and the open landscape concept. The community is not a cookie cutter community — you have lots of home plans, the ability to look at four builders in one community, and unique lots and neighborhoods to choose from.

Q: What are your favorite social events to participate in at Wickenburg Ranch? 

A: Member Corral and the lifestyle events like the Member Horseback Ride. Learning to golf and making up our own group to play with has also been a favorite.

Q: Are you involved in any clubs or interest groups at Wickenburg Ranch? If so, which ones?  

A: We are involved in weekly card games, Ladies of Li’l Wick, and hopefully soon the new Astronomy Interest Group.

Q: What are your favorite things to do in the Town of Wickenburg? 

A: Exploring all of the shops, museums and historical sites, as well as the Del Webb Center for the Performing Arts. We love theater and the variety of the entertainment the Del Webb Center has to offer.  

Q: What is your favorite memory at Wickenburg Ranch thus far? 

A: Sitting around the fire with friends at Jake’s or in someone’s backyard learning about other members’ hometowns and states. It has made us want to vacation and explore places in the U.S. we had never thought of as a vacation destination. We also really enjoy sharing tales of the variety and beauty Oregon has to explore.

Q: How would you say your life has changed since moving to Wickenburg Ranch? 

A: We have become more social now that we have the time, and it is so easy to hang out with friends while meeting new people.