Ron and Shirley met at age 12, at age 14 Ron knew he was going to marry Shirley. Married at 18.  They just celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary at the Champagne tasting on NYE at the Ranch House (their anniversary is 12/31).

The beginning: from Livermore, CA (wine country), they were committed to moving to Idaho. Ron had an Uncle in the Valley celebrating his 90th birthday. He had done some research on Trilogy, Shirley told him to, “Check out all of the communities in AZ, get it out of your system.” “We did not want to be a flat landers.” Ron had made appointments at all the Trilogies. Ron was staying in Scottsdale, thought Wickenburg was too far out. He, in fact, called Shirley and told him he wasn’t going to go to Wickenburg. Shirley believes God stepped in and she said to him, “Why wouldn’t you, what else do you have to do.” Canceled other appointments, they all seemed the same. The topography was the selling feature, Ron was blown away at the surrounding mountains, the peacefulness and the flowering desert landscape. “Yep, this is home.” He looked at two houses and called Shirley that night and told her to book the next flight to AZ. “I really believed it was a spiritual experience.” The home they chose had views of Vulture Peak and the breathtaking mountains. They loved that this didn’t feel like a cookie cutter community, it was spacious.  The other selling point was meeting Christy and that sealed the deal. Christy is one of our food & beverage employee and knows every member that walks in the clubhouse.  “We wanted an active adult community.” We have made great friends. Shirley loves to talk about her 5 best friends that I never had before living here. I was too busy working and raising kids to focus on friendships. Shirley truly believes that she was meant to live here for a number of reasons and her 5 best friends are definitely a part of that picture. 

Last September, Shirley and Ron were supposed to go see The Eagles live in Vegas, but unfortunately they had some health issues and had to cancel the whole trip. They, then purchased tickets for The Eagles in April to see them at Talking Stick Resort, but that show has now been postponed 3 times. They are so excited to see The Eagles cover band play at Wickenburg Ranch. They can’t wait to hear classics like “Hotel California” and “There is a Hole in the World Tonight” their 9/11 tribute song. 

Ron & Shirley are very involved at Wickenburg Ranch and in their Church, Redeemer Lutheran. Ron is a very active golf member, he created the Cribbage Club at Wickenburg Ranch. Shirley loves to play Li’l Wick and is extremely active in Mah jong. 

During COVID, both the Cribbage and Mah Jong groups decided to wear masks and do everything they can to create a safe environment for everyone. Ron & Shirley loved the curbside pickup options during COVID and their favorite was to grab a pizza and bottle of wine on Wednesday night and take it up to one of the Chill Zones to enjoy. They could stay safe and support the Food & Beverage Team. They also had groceries delivered by the team, and they really enjoyed all of the offerings in the Marketplace, especially the Filet Mignons, the quality was wonderful. They in fact, tasted a filet side-by-side with a store bought filet and they could not get over the difference in quality. 

We closed 9/14/16.  The topography is still the favorite, our home, the view. Taking our Dog, Kodi for a walk and the calmness and the peacefulness. He loves the Dog Park. Kodi was a rescue dog, but Ron will tell you Kodi rescued him. 

Very active in Redeemer Lutheran, Stephen Minister & Elder.  and you lead a Men’s Bible Study. They are golf members. Ron has dabbled in liquor distribution companies, wines were part of the portfolio. Worked for Nottingham Cellars in Livermore. Big fans of wine, love wine dinners. Ron loved to surprise his wife & her Mah Jong ladies with a bottle of wine. We love the happy hours. 

Shirley said, “I’ve never been a morning person until I moved here. I started playing Pickleball early in the morning. I loved sitting out in the sunrise. We have a great neighborhood with all sorts of fun. We found our pot of gold.” 

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