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This month we sat down to chat with our wonderful homeowners, Steve and Kayoko! As exciting as the prospect of retiring and relocating to Arizona may be, we know it can often feel overwhelming. In this month’s Member Spotlight, Steve and Kayoko sit down for a Q&A to share a bit about their own experience finding their dream home and lifestyle at Wickenburg Ranch. Read below to see what they had to say! 

Q: When did you originally move to Wickenburg Ranch and from where? 

A: Kayoko is originally from Japan and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. We met while working in the City of Costa Mesa, California in 1982, and made the City of Orange in Southern California our home for over 35 years. We purchased our home at Wickenburg Ranch in March 2018 and moved in as soon as it was completed the first week of November 2018. 

Q: What prompted your move? 

A: We had talked of moving to Arizona– I was thinking Lake Havasu, but Kayoko wanted a location with a true community feel and experience — like Wickenburg Ranch! We only looked at the Robson Ranch properties before finding Trilogy at Wickenburg Ranch, and when we did that was it! 

Q: Were you looking to move to a golf community? If so, what set Wickenburg Ranch apart from other golf communities you may have considered? 

A: We were only looking at golf communities, since it is a passion we both share. Several things set WR apart — most significantly was the terrain, feel, and look of the community. A plus was the size and vibe of the Town of Wickenburg. Ultimately, we wanted to be north and west of the Phoenix Valley. Being between Phoenix and Prescott was perfect in terms of proximity and elevation. 

Q: What do you think sets Big Wick, the 18-hole Championship Course, apart from other Arizona courses? 

A: The course condition was an amazing factor, along with its playability for golfers of all skill levels. We knew it would be challenging, and has proven to be fun even when playing day after day. 

Q: What is your favorite hole on Big Wick?

A: Tough question. I think Hole 18 is a great finishing hole with great views, so it certainly makes my top few along with Hole 13. Kayoko favors Hole 4 and Hole 16, but not necessarily because she plays them well! Let’s call it respect, Lol. 

Q: We understand you guys recently purchased a second new home at Wickenburg Ranch. Congratulations! What prompted your second purchase at Wickenburg Ranch? 

A: We never dreamed we would build a second home here, however as it turns out we simply “downsized” too much. Even though we fell in love with the view our current home has, we wanted more of several things — more bathrooms, garage space, yard, and perhaps the biggest thing was we (I) wanted to have a pool table. Add that all up and it was one of the floor plans from the Shea Homes® Sky Collection, the Vela, on a big homesite that worked. 

Q: We hear you live in Bronco, one of our 55+ neighborhoods by Shea Homes®. What made Bronco the right neighborhood for you? 

A: Clearly we love Bronco, as our new house is literally down the street from where we are now. First and foremost are our great neighbors. While we have made friends from nearly all of the other neighborhoods at Wickenburg Ranch, there is a special feel here in Bronco. Other unique features that made it attractive to use was the single loaded street, central location within the community, and the views. 

Q: What would you say to others wondering if it will be easy to get involved socially at Wickenburg Ranch? 

A: It doesn’t get much easier! All you have to do is step out and enjoy the activities you are interested in, and you’ll meet wonderful, friendly people who moved here for many of the same reasons you did. 

Q: What clubs and/or activities are you involved with at Wickenburg Ranch? 

A: We both play golf and joined the Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs. Kayoko has developed interests in photography and Mahjong. We are at the dog park, Charlie’s Park, regularly, and I fish at the Lake Park often with our dog, Peanut. It turns out Peanut would rather join me there than play with other dogs. As I mentioned earlier, Bronco is a very socially active neighborhood as well. 

Q: Lastly, how has your life changed since moving to Wickenburg Ranch? 

A: We still do a lot of the things we always did and continue to travel (we are in our Motorcoach now), but coming home is something we look forward to more now. Life is more leisurely, yet exciting and more interesting. We’ve discovered that life in Wickenburg, while isolated is great.