As we step into February, the month of love, Wickenburg Ranch is brimming with events and activities that celebrate the spirit of affection, camaraderie, and community. This enchanting time of year is not only about celebrating romantic love but also about embracing the bonds of friendship, the warmth of our community, and the passions that bring us together. 

Let’s dive into the heart of what makes this month, and every month at Wickenburg Ranch, so special.

Celebrating Victory at the 2024 Gunslinger Golf Tournament


Kudos to Ken Kania and Dale Marin, the champions of the 2024 Gunslinger! Despite the challenges posed by cold and wet weather, these gentlemen showcased their skills and were crowned winners of this prestigious event. Their triumph is a testament to the competitive spirit and camaraderie found at Wickenburg Ranch. 

Valentine’s Day Menu


Join us at Jake’s Spoon for your Valentine’s Dinner.  We will be offering a limited menu, please click below to preview the menu. Reservations are highly suggested.  Please call Jake’s Spoon at (928) 415-8117 to reserve your table today.

The 75th Gold Rush Days Parade: A Community Effort


The Gold Rush Days Parade is a highlight of the year, and the Wickenburg Ranch community has once again pulled together to create an unforgettable entry. With 79 residents contributing their diverse talents—from barrel racing and float designing to line dancing and singing—this event showcases the incredible spirit and unity of our community. It’s a vivid representation of how everyone at Wickenburg Ranch comes together to create something extraordinary.

Score Big with the Big Game Takeaway Menu

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Jake’s Spoon is here to elevate your Super Bowl party with a menu that’s as exciting as the game itself. Offering a variety of delicious, touchdown-worthy eats, ensure your game day is filled with culinary delights. Just remember to place your orders by February 10th for a hassle-free pickup on game day.

Wickenburg Ranch Whiskey Society: A Taste of Camaraderie


The Wickenburg Ranch Whiskey Society is a testament to the community’s love for fine spirits and fellowship. Offering bi-monthly tastings, exclusive distributor showcases, and intimate whiskey pairing dinners, this society is a haven for whiskey aficionados. It’s a place where members can indulge their passion, learn, and enjoy the company of fellow enthusiasts.

Love & Marriage Gameshow: A Test of Bonds


The Love & Marriage Gameshow is a fun-filled way for couples to connect and compete, offering an evening of laughter and love. Hosted by our Lifestyle Director, this event challenges couples to see how well they truly know each other, making for an entertaining and memorable experience.

Sunset Dinner & Music Cruise at Lake Pleasant

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Members have the chance to experience the serene beauty of Lake Pleasant with a Sunset Dinner & Music Cruise. This relaxing outing combines a delicious buffet-style dinner with the soothing sounds of music, all set against the backdrop of a stunning Arizona sunset. It’s the perfect way to unwind and soak in the natural beauty surrounding Wickenburg Ranch.

Why We Love Wickenburg Ranch

Wickenburg Ranch is enriched with unique experiences, boundless activities, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast, a food lover, a whiskey aficionado, or simply someone who enjoys the beauty of nature and the company of great friends, Wickenburg Ranch has something special for you. Join us and discover the countless reasons to love this remarkable place.