Modern lifestyles meet Western tradition with perfect balance in Wickenburg, Arizona. Wickenburg is the place to be if you’re looking for a place that’s comfortably close to cities like Phoenix and Las Vegas – but you don’t want to be right in the middle of the city lifestyle. 

Wickenburg is a step back from city life to a small town, but you don’t have to sacrifice any modern convenience or comfort when you settle down here. As a town that’s made for tourists as much as locals, you’ll find a range of amenities like golf courses and spas right along with dude ranches and mines.

And if you’re looking for more than a quick visit, Wickenburg Ranch is here to welcome you. As a resort-style lifestyle community in Arizona, Wickenburg Ranch is designed to be the place you sink your roots and stay awhile with all the comfort and culture you need.

We know that, with all this praise, you might be wondering what it is that makes Wickenburg, Arizona so special – and how it ended up such a tourist hotspot. Well, let’s take a quick look back at our town’s history, and you’ll see how we wound up with the friendly and exciting culture we have. 

Exciting Western Background

Let’s step back a few years or more to 1862. It’s the height of the gold rush, and there’s never been more traffic on the Santa Fe and Oregon trails. Among them is an Austrian, Henry Wickenburg. 

He, and many others, hear of a gold strike on the Colorado River and begin spreading across modern-day Arizona searching for gold. By 1863, Henry Wickenburg had found gold in Vulture Mine, from which over $30 million in gold was eventually discovered. He’d settled near the mine, and quickly worked with several ranchers and other miners to establish a town. 

From that point on, the town of Wickenburg began to grow. It wasn’t an easy growth. The typical hazards of the west such as war with Native Americans and drought brought difficulty to all of the settlers, but the challenges didn’t stop there. 

The major disaster that made national news came in the form of a dam break. Walnut Creek Dam burst and ravaged the town, killing many and leaving others missing. At such a low point, it’s hard to imagine that any sort of resort-style community could ever exist in Wickenburg, Arizona. 

But the people of Wickenburg were not, and never have been, the type to simply give up and walk away. Even when mine closures threatened to turn Wickenburg into a ghost town like so many other mining towns, the people persevered. 

And the growth and perseverance paid off when the railroad came through the town in 1895. This railroad connected Wickenburg to the rest of the country like never before. It was much easier for people to come to the town, and with the work from the railroad, Wickenburg continued its growth – and reached a new phase of its economy.

Our Tourism Boom

The railroad did more than establish Wickenburg on the map and bring new work to the area. It also began to bring tourists – and the tourists brought a shift in the culture and growth of Wickenburg. 

People back East were enchanted with the idea of the West, and the town of Wickenburg was more than willing to welcome the tourists and give them a real Western experience to enjoy. Some of the local ranches became guest ranches, or dude ranches, to cater to the growing number of tourists.

The construction of a highway from California to Phoenix (Highway 60) established the tourist boom in Wickenburg, making it the Dude Ranch Capital of the World. These dude ranches still give tourists a feel for the Old West in a way few places can. 

The growth of tourists coming through Wickenburg also brought people falling in love with our small Western town and wanting to stay longer and longer. Some of the dude ranches began to switch over and become some of the top resort-style communities in Arizona. Wickenburg Ranch was one of these to make the switch.

Small Town Escape

Today, tourism has shaped Wickenburg, Arizona into a true escape from the hustle of our modern world while still growing into the comforts of our time. But we still hold on to our Western roots and traditions, and you’ll see that every time you walk through downtown Wickenburg.

Whether you’re visiting Wickenburg or moving in and joining the locals, you won’t want to miss a visit to the Desert Caballeros Western Museum. It’s one of the best small museums you’ll visit in Arizona, and it’s a great way for you to acquaint yourself with your new community. 

You’ll also want to take a walk (or walking tour) around the local historical sites. For example, you can visit the old railroad depot which has since become the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce building. Or you could visit the Jail Tree where lawbreakers were kept back in the Old West days.

You can also join us for local celebrations. A favorite is our Fourth of July celebration, but the Gold Rush Days is a truly local experience. 

The Old West is still very much a part of everyday life in Wickenburg, Arizona. But we’ve mixed with modern life as well. For example, while you’re on your walking tour of Wickenburg, your electric car can be parked at one of the various charging stations around town. 

And don’t forget, you’ll be able to go horse riding in the morning and relax with a massage in the afternoon. Western life really doesn’t get better than this.

Experience the Western Spirit at Wickenburg Ranch

Resort-style communities in Wickenburg, Arizona are a big part of what connects the Old West traditions to modern lifestyles in our town. Wickenburg Ranch is an award-winning community in our town, and it isn’t hard to see why.

First of all, when looking to move in at Wickenburg Ranch, you can choose from more than 20 floorplans designed by four top home builders in Arizona, each with beautiful layouts and resort-style features. You’ll settle into your dream home in no time.

But your home is just the tip of the iceberg. When you live at Wickenburg Ranch, you have access to endless amenities. Top of the list of amenities is our award-winning golf courses, Big Wick (for an elite pro experience)  and Li’l Wick (for more casual play). Plus, enjoy the Watering Hole restaurant near the Li’l Wick course after your game. 

Central to our amenities is the Golf and Social Club, which is filled with restaurants and bars, a gaming space, an event hall, the Art Barn, and the Grand Living Room where you can relax with neighbors and friends while taking in the stunning views of the golf course and mountains.

Part of our resort lifestyle centers on health and wellness, which is why we provide a spa, salon, fitness center, and so much more. You can also take a swim in our outdoor resort pool. 

We love helping our residents feel welcome, comfortable and healthy. It’s part of our culture at Wickenburg Ranch, but more than that, it’s part of our town’s tradition of welcoming newcomers and giving them an experience they will never forget. 

Contact us today to schedule a tour of our stunning community by filling out our online form or calling us at 855-878-1703.