No matter what time of life you’re in, moving from one state to another is tough, especially if the move takes you to a town that’s nothing like what you left. So if you’re one of the people moving to Arizona from California, you’ll need to find ways to make Arizona your home – not just the place you live.

In some cities, the transition from California to Arizona might be fairly simple, but in other towns, you might find the transition more challenging. After all, California is a busy, populated place. But some towns, like Wickenburg, Arizona, are small towns. In fact, Wickenburg is known for its Wild West authenticity and culture, which means it couldn’t be more different from places like Silicon Valley. 

However, there’s a lot more to Wickenburg than you might think. So to give you an idea of what small towns in Arizona have to offer, here are some things that might help you settle into a small town like Wickenburg, Arizona if you’re moving from California. 

Choose Resort-Style Living

One of the best ways to feel like a small Arizona town like Wickenburg is your home is choosing resort-style living. A good example of resort-style living is a 55+ neighborhood called Wickenburg Ranch. It combines the local culture with a stunning level of modern luxuries. 

At Wickenburg Ranch, you’ll choose from beautiful open-concept floor plans that give you space for visitors and great views of the nearby mountains. And you’ll live only moments away from a golf course and Golf & Social Club, walking trails, spa, bars, and more. Your preferred lifestyle will not be lacking in a resort-style community of people a lot like you – looking for a quieter life without sacrificing any favorite activities or conveniences. 

So living in a place like Wickenburg Ranch can be a great way to feel like you belong. Many in the community came from somewhere else, just like you will be. It will be much easier to find a place and become a part of a community that is built for people with your needs and desires. 

Explore Your Arizona Town

When you find a retirement community like Wickenburg Ranch, it can be tempting to stay separate from the rest of the town. But the more you explore your new town in Arizona, the comfortable you’ll be moving to Arizona from California. 

So take some time to get into the local town and learn about the new culture. You may find some things that you enjoy about your new setting. Wickenburg, for example, is a small town, but you may be surprised to find that you aren’t the only one new to town. Wickenburg attracts plenty of tourists looking for a taste of the Old West, but it also hosts modern shopping and entertainment as well. 

Try joining in local holidays, or take a tour around town. Ask a local which restaurants are best, and get off the beaten path a bit. As you familiarize yourself with the culture, the people, and the town itself, you’ll feel more and more at home in Arizona. 

Build a Community

One of the most important things to do when you’re moving to Arizona from California is to build a social community. That’s why exploring your new town and moving to retirement communities like Wickenburg Ranch are so important when settling into your new town – doing those things will make it much easier to build up friendships with your new neighbors.

Once you’ve moved in and have started to become familiar with the town and the people, try some new (or old) hobbies to meet people with similar interests to you. You may find some classes or clubs in town that help you do this, but if you live somewhere like Wickenburg Ranch, finding people with common interests becomes easier.

Wickenburg Ranch, for example, has lots of activities for the residents to join in with. You could start going to the outdoor yoga class or meet fellow dog-lovers at the dog park. If you want to do something creative, try a cooking class or art class in the Golf & Social Club. Or, if you’d prefer sitting and chatting with new people, you could stop by one of the bars for a few drinks. 

However you choose to build your community, you’ll find that it’s easiest to start where you’re already familiar. If you can find people who do things you already like to do, they’ll lead you to more people and activities that are new to you. And that’s a great way to make a new community feel like home. 

Stay Close to the City Lifestyle

Coming from California, it might be nice to experience the quieter desert lifestyle of small Arizona towns. But if you’re a city person, you might want to have bigger cities nearby that you can visit. 

That’s why places like Wickenburg are good for people moving to Arizona from California. Small town it may be, but Wickenburg is also only a short drive away from Phoenix, Arizona. And for anyone who loves cities, Phoenix will be a great place to spend time when you need a good taste of the familiar. 

Phoenix is where you’ll find high-end spas, nightclubs, and museums. It’s easy to visit Phoenix for a day and find plenty to do during the day. You can also find some popular hikes and parks in and near the city if you want to see it from a distance. 

Another reason to live nearby bigger cities like Phoenix is because you’ll have easy access to the airport, so it will be easy to go back to California to visit family or friends – and it will be easy for them to visit you as well.

Experience the Ranch in Person

It might be hard to know if moving to Arizona from California is right for you, especially if that move takes you from a busy California city to a small desert town like Wickenburg. So instead of diving into it blindly, try testing out your potential new town with a visit before you move there. 

Wickenburg Ranch is a good place to test out because they offer programs for potential residents to visit before they decide if the community is a good fit. You can for a day visit to see all the amenities, etc. or you can have an extended stay to experience day-to-day life at the Ranch. 

Visiting the place you’re moving to is the best way to feel sure about your decision and comfortable with your new surroundings. So if you can make a visit possible, come experience the Ranch in person. Contact us today at 855-878-1703 to set up your visit or learn more about our Join the Movement extended-stay program by clicking here.