Just 11 short minutes from Wickenburg Ranch is the town that gave one of the Southwest’s most comfortable communities its name. Wickenburg, Arizona is a highly relaxing, fun-loving place with a warmth and charisma that goes all the way back to the wild west.

Founded in 1863 by miners, ranchers and farmers, this genuine cowboy town is true to its roots. It’s why horses, boots and ten-gallon hats are as commonplace here as western-themed festivals, rodeo sports and good, old-fashioned hospitality—they don’t call it the team roping capital of Arizona for nothing. But whether you’re looking for a hands-on, old west experience at one of the area’s world-renowned guest ranches or you’re just here for a day of shopping, food and fun, Wickenburg won’t disappoint.

The art of the west

Amidst the rodeos and ranches, the saddles and stallions, there’s a surprising amount of art and culture in Wickenburg. The Desert Caballeros Western Museum, for example, is one of the nation’s top Western museums, featuring original art by Remington, Russell, and Bierstad as well as a number of permanent and special exhibitions. Here, you’ll find galleries filled with the works of modern masters and Native American artists alike.

But visual art isn’t the only variety you’ll enjoy in Wickenburg. Locals and guests can experience the best of music, dance, and theater year-round at the Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts, a 600-seat theater in the heart of town. Visit dewpac.org for a full calendar of events and activities. And an appreciation for art anyone can get behind.

Party like it’s 1863

In a town that’s as historically and culturally rich as this one, there’s always a good reason to celebrate. It’s why Wickenburg is constantly rolling out the red carpet for a never-ending series of festivals and events. We’re talking everything from the annual Gold Rush Days and Fiesta de Septiembre to the Bluegrass Festival and Cowboy Christmas Poets Gathering—and dozens of events in between.

Expecting world-class equestrian events? Wickenburg has them. Visitors from across the country and world mark their calendars for the town’s popular riding events, culminating in one of the region’s top senior pro rodeos and a host of surrounding festivities. All told, it’s a full year of fun and activities that could put most large cities—and several states—to shame.

A taste of the unexpected

Although the atmosphere is old west, the menus are as updated and varied as you’d expect. From a quick hamburger to Mexican fare as authentic as you’ll find on either side of the border, the town has something for every palate or craving. So, whether you’re in the mood for steak and beer, Italian and a glass of wine or a scoop of homemade pie and fresh brewed coffee, Wickenburg will keep you fully satisfied and fueled for your next western adventure.

Shop until you don’t drop

Is shopping one of your main attractions? You’re no longer limited to the old general store as in Wickenburg’s early days—although they’ve got one of those, too. Today, the town is filled with the unique, the exclusive, the have-to-haves from a wide range of local establishments. Wandering along our historic streets, you’ll find a surprising range of shops and stores offering genuine cowboy clothing, hats and accessories, antiques, gifts, art and fashion. You can even buy a saddle if you’re so inclined. It’s everything you’d expect and so much more—and a shopper’s paradise for anyone interested in something they’d never find in a mall.

The endless appeal of the outdoors

Although the town has a wide array of fine accommodations, the western lifestyle has always been more about getting out than staying in. Good thing Wickenburg’s picturesque desert setting is ideally suited for excursions and activities amid sweeping vistas and under almost 300 days of blue skies. Always up for a round of golf? Wickenburg’s got the courses for it, along with a climate that makes it an enticing option throughout the year.

Wherever there’s an open trail—and there are a lot of them here—there’s also an opportunity to explore. Of course, you can go horseback riding here, and you should if you have the time and inclination. But you can just as easily take a jeep tour or an invigorating hike along the scenic Hassayampa River. You won’t merely discover some of the best scenery and peaceful places in the Southwest, you might find a bit more of yourself.

There’s more Wickenburg where that came from

Even with all this, we’re just scratching the surface of what you can do and experience here. Taking a tour of local ghost town Vulture City or simply wandering around the town’s historic downtown is a good place to start. And where you go from there is entirely up to you. One thing’s certain: no matter how long you stay in Wickenburg, Wickenburg will stay with you.