In celebration of our 700th community sale, Wickenburg Ranch is honored to donate $700 to 7 different charities that are a part of the Wickenburg Community Services Corporation. 

About Wickenburg Community Services Corporation

As a non-profit, the Wickenburg Community Services Corporation is comprised of local volunteers dedicated to serving the Wickenburg community. They support several underfunded programs, such as the Back to School Assistance program, the Cap Office, R&R Respite Care, and more. One of the programs thriving with the help of WCSC is the Freedom Express. Pam Plummer, a Wickenburg Ranch resident, is a driver for the organization. Freedom Express offers free transportation to seniors 60+ throughout the surrounding area. She was introduced to the cause by a fellow member, Monica Smith. Pam drives local seniors to doctor appointments, hair appointments, and she’s been known to drive through a Taco Bell a time or two. Aside from being a valuable resource, she’s also a friend and a companion to the many who hitch a ride. She quotes jokingly, “I have so many boyfriends.”

Take a look at some of the wonderful charities we donated to.

Desert Caballeros Western Museum

The Desert Caballeros Western Museum houses displays and exhibits that reflect the western history and culture of the town of Wickenburg. The Museum relies on the contributions and donations to continue to showcase innovative and educational programs and exhibitions.

K9 Konnections

As a non-profit organization, K9 Konnections rescues, shelters and offers dogs for adoption to help them find their forever homes. In-kind donations help support the daily operations of their different programs.  In addition to direct giving through cash, money orders, or check, K9 Konnections also accepts dog food, toys, collars and leashes, cleaning supplies, and more. 

Wickenburg Community Hospital

Wickenburg Community Hospital is only about 15 minutes from Wickenburg Ranch, making it incredibly convenient for the Ranch’s residents. Wickenburg Community Hospital treats a wide variety of conditions, including joint and chronic pain, skin cancer, diabetes, Venous insufficiency, and more. Donations help fund important health care facilities, equipment, and wellness services, especially during COVID-19.

Wickenburg Unified School Department

Wickenburg Unified School Department offers a full academic program, serving preschool through 12th grades. DOnations help create a comprehensive, research-based education program which focuses on effective school factors to meet the needs of their students, staff, families, and the Wickenburg Unified School District Community.

Del E. Webb Performing Arts

Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts presents live performing arts and educational experiences that inspire our community. Current donations to the Webb Center helps them remain strong during COVID-19.

Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce

The Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce is most often the first contact for visitors, residents, and businesses coming into the area. It works closely with the Town of Wickenburg, hospitality members, and tourism agencies to provide valuable information. John and Tammy Heidrich are Members of Wickenburg Ranch and Members of the Chamber. Having owned businesses of their own, they support the Chamber and its mission to enhance the town’s quality of life, and appreciate the efforts the Chamber puts forth to build connections amongst fellow community members and business owners.

Wickenburg Senior Center

Wickenburg Senior Center is a place to form meaningful connections and explore hobbies. Donations have lasting impact for our local seniors and help fund their critical programs.

Our members who volunteer at these charities throughout the year were able to personally deliver the checks. Thank you to all of those who support these charities and the Wickenburg community!